Are mobile phones harmful?.... use an air tube headset

About Air

The air headset operates in a totally different way to standard headsets, it conveys the sound to your ear by air.

The air, airtube headset plugs into your mobile in the normal way, but part way along the cable the electrical signal is converted into harmless airwaves. This innovation replaces the need to have an electrical cable alongside your ear thereby cutting phone radiation by over 99% helping guard against mobile phone health risks compared to normal phone use.

Designed for the UK market and fully tested the air headset is the perfect way to cut phone radiation emissions when making calls on your mobile phone. The air airtube headset delivers crystal clear sound through an air filled tube, has a built-in microphone and an ergonomically shaped ear bud for optimal wearing comfort - ear adapters in three sizes are included with every headset.

The ‘Air’ headset will fit iPhone** Blackberry** and HTC mobile phones. The range will be expanded for the majority of other mobile phones in the near future.

*The ‘air’ airtube mobile phone headset has been scientifically proven to reduce phone radiation emissions reaching the user’s head by over 99% by an internationally recognised laboratory that test to EMCC (Europe), FCC (United States) and VCCI (Japan) standards.

**iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc, Blackberry is a trademark of Research In Motion Limited registered in the US and other countries

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