Are mobile phones harmful?.... use an air tube headset

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We are increasingly surrounded by Electrosmog (Electro Magnetic Radiation) which powers a large proportion of the latest technology we all use in our daily lives. Questions which are constantly asked - Are mobile phones harmful - Are mobile phones safe - Mobile phone dangers - Mobile phone health risks.

A large proportion of Electrosmog is emitted by WiFi, cordless phones and of course our mobile phones. Doctors, Scientists and Academics from around the world have recommended we minimise our exposure from these emissions.

When a mobile phone is being used next to the head these emissions are directly penetrating the brain, one of our most sensitive organs. Our innovative air low radiation headset changes the ball game completely you can now make or receive calls without getting a hot head! Stay cool, use an air headset which delivers the phone conversation to your ear through a hollow air tube without metal wires reducing the SAR emissions by as much as 99%* compared to normal mobile use.

Mobile Phone SAR* ratings as described on the Health Protection Agencies website:

"The quantity that is used to describe absorption of radio waves in the head is the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of the energy. ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) has advised that this should not exceed 2 W kg -1 (watts per kilogram) when averaged over any 10 gram of contiguous tissue and over any 6 minute period in the head. Different mobile phone emit these waves at differing levels, there are many sources of information on the web detailing the levels for different phone models."

*The air low radiation headset is patented technology, independently certified and tested.