Are mobile phones harmful?.... use an air tube headset

Sound advice

“I never use my mobile phone without my 'air' airtube headset.
To me my air headset is indispensable;
I never take a call without it"
Dr Sandra Scott, Psychiatric expert and TV Doctor on Big Brother
and I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Our low radiation headset is probably the safest mobile phone headset available. It keeps the radiation as far away from the head as possible guarding against mobile phone health risks by using a hollow acoustic tube to deliver the sound to your ear by using harmless airwaves – no wires, magnets or other transmission principles.

With 65 million mobile phones being used in the UK alone, governments, research organisations, doctors and academics have continued to warn us about the possible dangers of mobile phones by us putting transmitters within millimetres of our brains. In France the Health & Security Agency recently advised caution when using mobile phones. Also, the European Parliament recently voted a recommendation of tighter safety standards regarding mobile phone radiation and associated technology. Plus a Director of the US Central Brain Tumour Registry estimates by 2019 there will be 1.59 million brain tumours caused by cell (mobile) phone radiation in the US alone. San Francisco has recently become the first State in the US to legislate that all retailers have to show the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR rating in other words the electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile phones they sell.

Until there is conclusive proof one way or the other it makes good sense to minimise your families ‘close-up’ exposure to mobile phone radiation from their mobiles – our air2hear headsets offer an ideal solution They are *scientifically proven to reduce mobile phone radiation reaching the sensitive ear and brain area by up to 99% compared to normal phone use. 

The ‘Air’ low radiation headset will fit iPhone** and most Blackberry** mobile phones. The range will be expanded for the majority of other mobile phones in the near future.

*The ‘air’ low radiation mobile phone headset has been scientifically proven to reduce mobile phone radiation reaching the user’s head by up to 99% by an internationally recognised laboratory that test to EMCC (Europe), FCC (United States) and VCCI (Japan) standards.

**iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc, Blackberry is a trademark of Research In Motion Limited registered in the US and other countries